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The still forms the foundation of every DYE Distilling System.
We have columns for whiskey, brandy, rum, gin and vodka available.

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Automation technology
Each and every one of our units can be controlled and managed in various ways. All systems are perfectly coordinated proprietary developments - from the basic manual control system up to the comprehensive, fully automated, modular computer control system. Modular computer control system: convenient, simple and safe!

Control - Manage - Save Energy
The control system monitors and manages the entire distillation process. Characteristic values can be stored so that each new distillation process can access the same parameters. If required, modifications can be made at any time during the distillation process - by simply using the touch screen control unit A control system that manages virtually all processes. Heating and distillation speed, dephlegmator target temperature, complete separation of head, heart and tail cuts as well as integrated product pre-selection according to fruit type. The rinsing procedure can also be automated and timer-controlled for each section of the unit - the pertinent information is clearly structured and displayed in a user-friendly manner.

Alcohol Managemant
Integrated alcohol reservoirs for all fractions.Manually or automatically selectable. The reservoirs are equipped with pump control systems and level switches. The digital concentration and volume data recording for the various fractions facilitates effective company-internal production planning.
Fully automated distillation process
Integration into existing IT systems
Automated filling and emptying of unit

Blank copper with the largest possible surface areas forms the foundation for optimal results. Each and every one of the fine distillate bottoms in our units can be equipped with rotating high-performance all access nozzles. In both the helmet and still, integrated cleaning units ensure blank copper and a fully developed, pure, unadulterated aroma, the only way to effectively bind unwanted acids, cyanides and ethyl carbamates, which particularly tend to form with stone fruit mash.
CIP Cleaning
Effective cleaning of the entire distillation unit by means of integrated high-pressure rinsing system. Rotating all access nozzles enable rinsing of all components, which can be cleaned with either hot water or cleaning agents. Clean copper surfaces guarantee the highest distillate quality. Using the cleaning system is as simple as can be.

Copper Catalyzer

A patent we pride ourselves on – and rightly so.
Made of the purest copper that effectively binds cyanides and ethyl carbamates due to our lamella technology and the resultant surface expansion, thus permanently guaranteeing adherence to the stipulated limits.
The integrated bypass allows optional distillation without using the catalyzer element.
The lamella design significantly contributes to improving the distillate. The innovative catalyzer technology guarantees the reduction of unwanted acid content as well as cyanide and ethyl carbamate levels well below the legally stipulated limits. A complete cleaning does not require the dismounting of any parts. To suit lower ceiling heights, the catalyzer can also be mounted at the side of the distillery. Due to the vertical design of the lamella catalyzer, the distillation process does not require any pressure, which achieves excellent flow conditions and maximum efficiency. Sensory and scientific studies conducted by Hohenheim University have demonstrated the indisputable qualitative advantages of distillates produced with our catalyzer.

No excess phlegma buildup
Retention of heavy components
Delayed tail cut formation
Distillates produced with Holstein catalyzers usually score the best in blind taste tests.


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