Double Stills Moonshine Whisky Distillery Pot still Equipment
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Double Stills Moonshine Whisky Distillery Pot still Equipment

  • ZLSB-001
  • DYE

1. Working capacity:250 US gallons

2. Total volume:  420 US gallons

3. Jacket pressure:15 PSI

4. Diameter of column:18 inches

5. Heating method:  indirect steam heating/ directly steam heating ~ 250,000 Btu

6. Control method:  automation

7. Function:  making low concentration spirits,making high concentration

spirits,spiced liquor,cleaning system

6. Control method:  automation

7. Function: making low concentration spirits,making high concentration spirits,spiced liquor,cleaning system,cooling system

8. Inner material:C1100 95% ~ stainless steel 5%

9. Running time:4 to 5 hours/batch

10. Raw material:fermented substrate,low-concentration spirits

11. Suitable brewing style:  varies with desired spirit

12. Overall dimension:1500 mm x 6000 mm x 5000 mm




  • Fully Dedicated Welding Line: At the DYEcompany, all widths of C1100 red copper (99.9% pure copper) are customized to fabricate dished tops, bottoms and kettle shells that are 2200 mm in diameter or less on only one welding line.  This makes for a more attractive appearance, and to fully avoid the risk of leakage which could sometimes occur because of an inappropriately sized welding line.


  • Adjustable Still Column Structure:The DYE company develops new distilling equipment with column heights that can reach 2000 mm;  up to 10 plates with a pair of flanges;  all bubble plates integrated within a tightly embedded inner shell;  all features so the surface appearance looks smooth and attractive, yet simple and generous.

  • 3.       Dephlegmator: Adopts a counter-bore style, a benefit to gas-liquid separation, permitting alcohol vapor to interface with more copper surface area, thus reducing cyanide and sulfur, and therefore making better-tasting spirits.

  • 4.       Bypass Valve: DYE has conducted independent research to develop a bypass valve for use in an automatic control system, and one can also use pneumatic valve as an option.

  • 5.       Cleaning Ball (CIP) Valve: Original manual valves have been changed to customized check valves, and this change can reduce operation time when the still undergoes CIP cleaning.

  • 6.       Explosion-Proof LED Light:Low-heat LEDs are energy efficient and they avoid the hazards of fire or explosion.

  • 7.       Additional Cooling Water Collection Tank: Saves space and offers stability.

  • 8.       Additional Spirits Heads, Hearts and Tails Tanks:Saves space and offers stability.

  • 9.       Automation:   Heating control, temperature display, cooling water control, raw material flow control; all valves pneumatically controlled as an option.

  • The DYE company values are based on the concept of creating a craft-built system for you as its principal mission.  Traditional manual craftsmanship is employed in the construction of each system, supported in combination with industrial manufacturing.

  • The DYE team of coppersmiths have many years of manufacturing experience with copper distilling equipment, and have access to technology for even large-scale manufacturing.  These coppersmiths skillfully fabricate each distillation system with meticulous and professional coppersmithing quality.

  • The spirit distillate that flows out of DYEdistillation equipment is with natural flavor instead of artificial blending essence. The DYE spirit is smooth and sweet, combining elegance and balance no matter if the spirit is distilled twice or just as a result of a single pass. The flavor is much better than the spirit that using traditional still. 



DYE distillation equipment is the result of DYE company’s continuous innovating and developing. It is based on ou 
experience of  brewery equipment manufacturing. DYE distillation equipment can be used to make fruit wine, whiskey,  vodka, gin, tequila, rum, brandy  and other distilled spirits. All systems have the characteristics of small and medium size,  automatic control, easy operating and  beautiful outlook. The equipment is suitable for small and medium sized  workshops, hotels etc.

Company Information

Our company’s advantages over other companies:

We have a modernized standard factory and employ more than 100 employees. DYE is a high-tech enterprise which combines design, developing, selling and after-sale service as a whole.

Our company has more than 7 technicians from R&D department, so we can provide a special scheme for the customer and beer production line’s design and developing. Besides, our company has a professional technical team with more than 10 employees and 20 employees in our company hold passports, thus, they can visit customers and help customers install and debug machine at any time and solve after-sale problems timely.

Moreover, our company has a professional sales team with more than 20 employees and 15 of them specialize in foreign trades (English and Russian). Those foreign trade salesmen can go abroad to attend the exhibition and communicate with foreign customers successfully. We are specialized in brewing equipment and distillation equipment which are designed and put into use gradually.

Our company’s quality certification:

We have got CE, PED, ISO9001 (2008) and SGS certificates. If necessary, we can offer electronic record’s certificates but the original document must be kept in the company.

Our company’s customer segmentation:

Our customer segmentation is mainly focused on the Euramerican developed countries such as the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Russia, etc. At present, we have no formal foreign agents but we are looking for superior agents to create a brilliant future.

Choose us and get more benefits:

1. Deliver innovative products in the market at a faster pace;

2. Enhance the reliability of product’s quality;

3. Decrease the total cost of the product effectively;

4. Improve research personnel’s ability of creative design;

5. Gain more leading technologies about product development and increase the competitive advantage of products.


Pre-sale service:

1. Free of making offers, craft and technical guidance.

2. We can provide company’s qualification certification and the drawings.

3. We can also make customized products according to customer’s needs.

After-sale service:

1. We provide long-term after-sale service.

2. Owing to the quotation of our equipment is FOB price which excluded charges of door-to-door service. Thus, if necessary, we can appoint our technician to debug the machine with air ticket, visa, accommodation and labor cost provided by your party. Or you can send your technician to our company to learn techniques.

3. Meanwhile, you can call or e-mail to consult any relevant questions since we have a special line of after-sale service. Or you can communicate online and solve the problems.

Packaging & Shipping

 Bulk cargo: standard wooden case which can avoid any clash during the sea or air transportation in case of causing damage to the equipment’s surface.

Container cargo: the equipment will be bound firmly and won’t easily swing to the side, or up, or down.


Will application of distillation equipment continue to expand in the future?

Although the pace of development of distillation equipment is rapid in recent years, there are many problems in the process, such as the enterprises are not many, product quality is not high and so on. These problems will more or less restrict the development of rectifying equipment. Thus seizing the opportunity is very important. If can seize the opportunity, the development space of distillation equipment industry will be great.

Do distillation equipment companies have to expand sales channels to improve the competitiveness?

At present, although the distillation equipment is used widely, high aroma and highly efficient products are not many; and low level of products is also common. Brand marketing lags behind others. To enhance competitiveness, Distillation equipment companies have to expand sales channels and develop high-end products.

What benefits does the network bring to distillation equipment market?

In recent years, the development of network marketing is very quick, also got more and more applications. It mainly exists in the base of network, breaking through the traditional sense of the sale, making sales more effective and also well achieving interactive communication. We can complete the transaction online. It is very convenient.

Is self-positioning very important to capture the distillation equipment market?

Different industries, only giving their products a right position, can better capture the majority of the market share. The development of distillation equipment is no exception. Although having certain development potential, it also needs a good location, thus, it can be in line with the market trends. However, how should we locate the distillation equipment better? Choosing high reputation, excellent product quality enterprises is the right way.


You can DIY the product you wanted to reduce the operating costs and meet your branding needs.

Of the Public Accounts:

All the payment will be received by our company bank account. And the transaction is monitored by UnionPay. Also, alipay and O/A is acceptable.

Convenient Transportation:

We have a quick transportation. Within the stipulated time, we will finish your order, protecting your business from any loss.


All the discussion and terms will be showed in our contract, which ensure your interests legally. Also welcome to visit us at any time.


Please contact us before you place an order, or need any technical support or guidance.


We have a good team of sales, our own factory, long term cooperated logistics, and after-sale workers.

All the Time:

We will be waiting for you all the day, including the holidays. We are ready to serve you at any time.



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