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Cosmetic Beauty Skin Care Products Freeze Dryer



   The freeze-dried products of beauty cosmetics include freeze-dried powder, freeze-dried balls, freeze-dried masks, freeze-dried sheets and freeze-dried flocs, etc. They have the functions of beauty, freckle, repair and nutrition. and they are beauty and skin care products that people use daily. The main feature is that they are convenient to store, carry, use and have good skin care effect.

   Freeze-drying of cosmetic products needs to be controlled by the formulation and control of the freeze-drying curve of the freeze-drying machine, because the freeze-dried cosmetics need to have a certain physical form, uniform color, qualified residual moisture content, good rehydration, high survival rate, and long shelf life. Therefore, it is not only necessary to control the preparation process and the sealed storage after lyophilization. What's more important is to fully control the parameters of each stage of the freeze-drying process in order to obtain high-quality products. 

   The freeze-drying curve and time sequence are the basic basis for freeze-drying process control. Mature freeze-dried cosmetic products will have a freeze-drying curve to control production. Our freeze-drying machine can automatically track the freeze-drying curve, and complete the freeze-drying of cosmetics more reliably.


1. Pre-freezing and drying are completed in situ, the freeze-drying process is automated and easy to operate. and Our freeze-drying machine can automatically track the freeze-drying curve, and complete the freeze-drying of cosmetics more reliably.

2. Touch screen operation, Siemens PLC imported brand control system, convenient data storage, easy to control, and can be connected to the computer for remote control, Real-time monitoring of equipment operation.

3. Integral design, adopt the structure that is easy to clean and has no sanitary corners. easy to transport and install, save space.

4. Adopts 450-hp refrigeration system composed of German brand Bitzer screw refrigeration compressors in parallel. The temperature is adjustable, and the compressor can be started under different working conditions. While obtaining strong refrigeration, fast refrigeration, stable and reliable performance, it can save 30% of electrical energy.

5. The freeze-drying box and the partition are made in strict accordance with GMP requirements. And The barrel and partition are made of 304 stainless steel and the latest laser welding technology, with mirror polished internal surface and smooth surface drawing.

6. The machine has a built-in heat recovery defrosting system, which can efficiently and quickly defrost, and the interface can be sterilized at high temperature. This saves electricity and keeps the dry box sterile. 

7. It can be connected with CIP in-place cleaning, SIP in-place disinfection, hydraulic plugging system and other functions.

8. The vacuum system adopts the German original Leybold screw vacuum pump + Roots pump to form a twin screw oil-free vacuum system. It reduces the trouble of frequently changing vacuum oil of other brands of freeze dryers, and at the same time protects the environment.


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