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Wastewater Treatment Evaporator



    Wastewater Treatment Evaporator is based on the principle of evaporation, concentration and crystallization in response to the characteristics of high salinity and high concentration of chemical organic wastewater. Multi-effect reduced pressure evaporation is used to concentrate the crystalline organic wastewater. After the salt in the concentrated solution is separated, then recovered by the salt collector, the concentrated solution is dried and recycled or incinerated and the evaporated condensate is generally treated by subsequent biochemical treatment to achieve wastewater discharge standards.


1)The amount of evaporated water can reach 0.5t/h~100t/h

2)Energy-saving and high-efficiency, small heating temperature difference, short residence time, suitable for heat-sensitive materials.

3)Compact structure and small floor space.

4)Realize automatic operation through PLC control, and can operate continuously and stably for a long time.

5)The speed of the steam compressor is adjusted by a frequency converter, and the compressor is equipped with a temperature monitoring probe and a vibration probe to ensure its long-term normal operation.

DYE wastewater treatment evaporator



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