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50L-1000LStainless Steel Fermentation Tank Conical Fermenters



    Fermentation tanks are widely used in beverage, chemical, food, dairy, condiment, wine, pharmaceutical and other industries, and play a fermenting role. The tank body is equipped with interlayer, insulation layer, heating, cooling, and insulation. The tank body and the upper and lower filling heads (or cones) are processed by spinning R angles. The inner wall of the tank is mirror-polished, so there is no sanitary dead corner. The fully enclosed design ensures that the materials are always mixed and fermented in a pollution-free state. Equipment is equipped Air breathing hole, CIP cleaning nozzle, manhole and other devices.

Main Feature:

1. Online CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization (121°C/0.1MPa) are available.

2. Designed in accordance with sanitary requirements, the structure design is very user-friendly, and the operation is convenient. Smooth transmission and low noise.

3. Appropriate diameter-to-height ratio design, customized mixing device as required, energy saving, good mixing and fermentation effect.

4. The surface of the inner tank is mirror-polished, the openings of the inlet and outlet pipes, sight mirrors, manholes and the welding of the inner tank are all made of stretch flanging arc transition, which is smooth and easy to clean without dead corners, ensuring the production process the reliability and stability of the product meet the requirements of "cGMP" and other specifications.


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