What our equipment has is not just the beautiful outlook.


DYE company is the professional manufacturer of distilling equipment and brewing equipment from China, 
more than 95% products are export to all over the world!

Our company's advantages

We have a modernized standard factory and employ more than 100 employees. DYE is a high-tech enterprise which combines design, developing, selling and after-sale service as a whole.

Our company's quality certification

We have got CE, PED, UL,ISO9001 (2008) and SGS certificates. If necessary, we can offer electronic record’s certificates but the original document must be kept in the company.

Our company's customer

Our customer segmentation is 
mainly focused on the Euramerican developed countries such as the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Russia, etc. 

Choose us & get more benefits

Deliver innovative products in the market at a faster pace;Enhance the reliability of product’s quality;Decrease the total cost of the product effectively;
Improve research personnel’s ability of creative design;


Vodka, Gin, Run, Whisky, Brandy SYSTEM SOLUTIONS.
Our company is the leading company of still equipment in China, with the strength of providing vodka, gin, run, whisky, brandy making machines. We have well known master distiller in Canada and the USA, also installation team in North America, and our own researching department and factory, which assure that we can provide high quality distillation equipment for our customers. 
Products range from still equipment, brew equipment, bottling system, packing machine etc. 

System Solution

To provide high quality still equipment for our customers.

First Conference:

MARCH 19-20,2019


  • Celebrating, professional technical consultant Ian Smiley joined our team

    Ian Smiley is the author of the book, Making Pure Corn Whiskey, an Amphora Society publication, and The Distiller’s Guide to Whiskey, an American Distilling Institute (ADI) publication. He has been exploring small-scale beverage-alcohol brewing and distillation all his adult life, and is a card-car

  • CRAFT BEER CHINA 2023 Conference & Exhibition

    CRAFT BEER CHINA 2023 Conference & Exhibition

  • DYE will be exhibiting at ADI 2020

    DYE,one of white hair manufacturer of alcohol distiller and beer equipment in China,will bring our new designed DYE-300L III to the show.By this model,you will get more pure and sweet spirits. If you are interested in setting up a brewery and distillation factory, please do not hesitate to contact u

alcohol distilling equipment gin still distillery machine
1200L-II,steam heating,8plates column
Bright Beer Tanks with cooling jacket
Usually, there will be a mash/lauter tun, a brew kettle/whirlpool tank, and a hot water tank.The structure of our brewhouses are custom designed and built to order and to your specific floor plan and brewing process needs.
This is multifuction still,which can produce whiskey,brandy, gin, rum,vodka,tequila etc.
Stainless Steel Intermediate Bulk Container IBC Tank Tote
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