ASME Mixing Tank Chemical Pressure Vessel Tank Chemical Reaction Tank
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ASME Mixing Tank Chemical Pressure Vessel Tank Chemical Reaction Tank



   Mixing tank is widely used in the research and development and production of liposome drugs, research and development and production of microsphere drugs, biological vaccines, diagnostic reagents, etc., have been widely used in major scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

◆Biological industry (protein drugs, detection reagents, enzyme engineering, human vaccines, veterinary vaccines, etc.);

◆Preparation industry (fat emulsion, liposome, nanoparticle, microsphere, etc.);

◆Food industry (beverage, milk, food additives, etc.);

◆Chemical industry (new energy batteries, nanocellulose, coatings, paper making, polymer materials, etc.).

Advantages of our company:

◆Professionally customize non-standard pressure vessels, and undertake the design and manufacture of various ASME and Class D pressure vessels according to user needs.

◆Our company's existing senior technical engineers are responsible for the design, process, material, welding, flaw detection, inspection, physical and chemical functions in the quality assurance system, and can produce series of pressure vessels with multiple specifications for supporting manufacturers of major famous brands.

◆Strictly follow the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code for design, fabrication, testing and inspection. Each ASME tank is supplied with all Material Test Certificates (MTR) and ASME documentation with a U stamp.


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