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500L Semi-automatic Copper Distillation Equipment Moonshine Still

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Main Features:

1. Is easy to operate and use, easy to clean and occupies a small area.

2. High safety, high work efficiency, long service life, low energy consumption, good quality and low price.

3. Provide customized services, technical and drawing support

4. Can steam heating, electric heating (direct and indirect type) or direct fire heating

5. Apply to whiskey, brandy, rum, vodka, gin, tequilas and bourbons etc.

6. Efficient CIP spraying ball for 360-degree cleaning.

7. Italy brand gear box, NEMA standard for North American Market

8. Explosion proof motor,  be CE, UL, CSA approved


1.Working capacity:500L.

2.Material:stainless steel 304 and T2 grade Red copper.

3.Tank inner shell thickness=3mm, Jacketed=3mm, PU foam insulation=50mm, cladding=1.5mm.

4.Goose neck:thickness=3mm, which be connected by Ø159mm tri-clamp.

5.Distillation column: thickness=3mm, with 6 plates(trays); Each end be connected by stainless steel 304 tri-clamp.

6.Condenser:Inner shell thickness=3 mm, top with a thermometer and CIP ball and bottom with a thermowell.

500L Semi-automatic Copper Distillation Equipment Moonshine Still


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