250L Micro Copper Stills Vodka Whisky Distillery Equipment
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250L Micro Copper Stills Vodka Whisky Distillery Equipment

  • ZLSB-005
  • DYE

Main Structure:

Double Still Pot: 

all Copper CU12200 inner tank; SUS304 Steam jacketed and insulated; with 219mm handhole with DN51 outlet and valve; with top agitator (explosion proof CE approved motor).

Ball Shaped Helmet: Copper CU12200; 3mm thickness

6 Plates Distillation Column: Copper CU12200; each plate has bubble caps, cip ball, drain valve, sight light

Condenser: Copper SUS304 ; 3mm thickness

Parrot Outlet: glass and SUS304

Storage Tank Supporting Base: SUS304; with sight glass

CIP Pump, pipeworking and valves


Will application of distillation equipment continue to expand in the future?

Although the pace of development of distillation equipment is rapid in recent years, there are many problems in the process, such as the enterprises are not many, product quality is not high and so on. These problems will more or less restrict the development of rectifying equipment. Thus seizing the opportunity is very important. If can seize the opportunity, the development space of distillation equipment industry will be great.


Do distillation equipment companies have to expand sales channels to improve the competitiveness?

At present, although the distillation equipment is used widely, high aroma and highly efficient products are not many; and low level of products is also common. Brand marketing lags behind others. To enhance competitiveness, Distillation equipment companies have to expand sales channels and develop high-end products.


What benefits does the network bring to distillation equipment market?

In recent years, the development of network marketing is very quick, also got more and more applications. It mainly exists in the base of network, breaking through the traditional sense of the sale, making sales more effective and also well achieving interactive communication. We can complete the transaction online. It is very convenient.


Is self-positioning very important to capture the distillation equipment market?

Different industries, only giving their products a right position, can better capture the majority of the market share. The development of distillation equipment is no exception. Although having certain development potential, it also needs a good location, thus, it can be in line with the market trends. However, how should we locate the distillation equipment better? Choosing high reputation, excellent product quality enterprises is the right way.


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