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Copper Distiller Industrial Alcohol Whisky Distillation Equipment

  • DYE-I
  • DYE
  • HS Code: 8419409090

Main Features:

500L working capacity pot; all stainless steel pot
SS Steam jacketed and insulated
with 219mm handhole with DN51 outlet and valve
With top agitator (explosion proof CE approved motor)
Motor Power: 0.75KW / 60rpm
Copper Cu12200 Gooseneck, 3mm thickness

300mm Copper Distillation Column, 4 plates copper distillation, each plate has CIP ball and drain valves.
300mm SS Dephlegmator on the top of column

300mm SS Condenser

2 pcs SS Tube Legs 

SS parrot outlet

Come with a CIP Cleaning Pump and all necessary SS CIP cleaning piping lines etc. 


Steam requirment: 50Kg/Hr
Production time: 4 hours
Max alcohol reached to 85%/ 170 Proof



whisky distiller



red copper
dish top and bottom
Heating method
Jacket with PU insulation
Top with agitator,ex-proof motor with UL/CE/CSA approved,CIP balls,pressure gauge,relief valve,manway and so on

Bubble Caps and Trays:

 All bubble caps and screw are made of T2 grade red copper, the screw is designed by our company without dead corner and 100% meets sanitary standard.
Size: DN26/DN38/DN45/DN52/DN65/DN76


 on the top of distillation column that sends vapor back toward the boiler.
Material: Stainless steel 304/ red copper with flange connection.
Structure: tube type jeat exchanger with cooling water inlet and outlet. 


A heat exchanger in which hot vapors are cooled and condensed into liquid.
Material: stainless steel 304/ red copper and connected by flange.

Column Support:

 All support are made of stainless steel 304, and we also can use storage tank as support.

CIP Pump and Pipe Fittings:

All the CIP centrifugal pump is ex-proof with UL/ CSA/ CE certificate.
And we can supply hand valve and automatic valve.



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