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DYE-I-250liter high quality copper distiller equipment for whiskey brandy gin

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Main Features:

1. Distillation Times: 1 hour heat up
2. 2-2.5 hour stripping run @90 proof(45% alcohol)
3. 4-5 hour distillation time @170 proof(85% alcohol)

4. Typical spirits: Whisky,Brandy,Rum,Tequila

5. Typical heating way: Steam heating

6. Any size available

7. Customization service

8. Technology&drawing support

9. Swirl finish,satin finish or mirror finish

10.With beautiful appearance and high sanitary level.

11.With 3A,CE, UL,CSA,PED, SGS,TUV,ISO9001 certificates


Pot Working capacity:  250liter
Tank materials:  All copper material
Motor Power:  0.75KW / 60rpm
Copper Gooseneck ,thickness:  3mm
Copper 4column plates:   3mm thickenss
Installation Size (Length * Wide * Height) :  1000mm×3900mm ×3400mm
Steam requirment:  20 KG/Hr
Production time:  5-6 hours 
Jacket pressure:  15 PSI
Diameter of column:  12 inches
Heating way:  indirect steam heating/directly steam heating or electric heating way
Whole equipment combined material:  CU12200 95%- stainless steel 5%
Motor&pump Ex-proof agitator motor, Ex-proof pump
Specifications: SS Steam jacketed and Insulated warm layer
with 219mm handhole with DN51 outlet and valve
With top agitator (explosion proof CE approved motor) 
4 pcs Drain valve be mounted on each plate
4 pcs CIP cleaning balls be mounted on each plate.
Copper Dephlegmators on top of copper distilling column
Copper Condenser 
Copper Parrot spout
Come with a CIP Cleaning Pump and all necessary SS CIP cleaning piping lines etc. 
Max alcohol reached to 75-85%/ 170Proof
Distilling system,cleaning system, cooling system
Accessories: safety valve,glass manhole,sight
glass,thermometer/thermowell,pressure gauge,air
vent,cleaing ball,reflux hole,sight light,triple valve, etc.


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