Custom 500-20000L Air Receiver Tanks Compressed Air Tank Gas Storage Tank
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Custom 500-20000L Air Receiver Tanks Compressed Air Tank Gas Storage Tank



   Air Receiver Tank is a device specially used to store gas, and at the same time it plays the role of stabilizing the system pressure. The function of the Air Receiver Tank is to store a certain amount of compressed air; to eliminate pressure fluctuations and ensure the continuity of the output air flow. Also adjust the gas consumption, or prepare for failure and temporary emergency use.

  Air Storage Tank (pressure vessels) are generally composed of parts and components such as cylinders, heads, flanges, nozzles, sealing elements and supports. In addition, it is also equipped with safety devices, meters and internal parts for different production processes.


1. Food industry: Oil-free gas storage tanks are usually used, mainly to provide power for filling machines, blow molding machines and other equipment, and to maintain a stable working pressure. In addition, it also has auxiliary functions such as pneumatic conveying, pneumatic cooling, and pneumatic spraying.

2. Electric power industry: The functions of gas storage tanks mainly include pneumatic transportation, dry ash transportation, pneumatic execution, etc.

3. Semiconductor industry: Wafer oxidation equipment, vacuum systems, pneumatic control valves, pneumatic handling devices, etc. all require the cooperation of supporting gas storage tanks to efficiently complete the corresponding work.

4. Tire industry: Generally, stainless steel gas storage tanks are the main products. The main role in the tire industry is to drive vulcanizers, pneumatic internal mixers, pneumatic molding machines, etc.

5. Iron and steel industry: including instrument gas, power execution, equipment purging, process assistance, etc., are inseparable from gas storage tanks.

6. Textile industry: mainly based on oil-free gas storage tanks, using the compressed air of the gas storage tanks to provide clean gas power for air-jet looms, sizing machines, dyeing and finishing machines, roving frames, and silk suction guns.

500-20000L Air Receiver Tanks Compressed Air Tank Gas Storage Tank


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