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We are one of the large distillation Equipment R & D manufacturers in China.
 Job requirements:
· College degree or above, good oral English,  good at speaking and writing. Pass CET-4.
· Have a conscientious work attitude, have good anti-pressure ability, have strong initiative, good at study and communication;

What you do:
· Responsible for both B2B and B2C operation;
· Responsible for B2B, B2C enquiries.
· Reception when customers come to our factory.
· Overseas exhibitions.
· Expand overseas market, develop new customers, maintain old customers.
· Perform tasks assigned by superiors;

What you can learn:
· Products and related knowledge learning.
· Product knowledge training.
· Company will arrange technical department and sales manager to have a system of training, including product overview, usage, making process, product performance, product selling point, and so onTraining of e-business platform operating skills.
· We are golden customers of Alibaba, MIC,  global resources and Google. Every month will have training programs arranged by above suppliers about operating skills, sales tactics etc.
· Communication skills with customers.
· Customs training.
· Fire safety training.

you will be:
· Top sales person
· Excellent sales manager
Our resources:
· Overseas exhibitions
· Websites: Alibaba, MIC, Google, Global source, ETW, NEI, Yandex, customs data

working conditions:
· Location: Wenzhou 
· Working time: 8 hours 
· Company provide accommodation 
· wages: 3000-5000, with 2% of sales amount+bonus+salary rise(10%-50%)
· other: insurance, travel, birthday presents, holiday gifts, annual leave, The Spring Festival travel expenses reimbursement etc

DAEYOO TECH. CO., LTD.WENZHOU is located in Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, with an area of 30 acres and registered capital of ¥5 million and total assets ¥80 million . Our company has around 150 staff, including 10 technicians from R&D department. We are specialized in brewing equipment, brewhouse and distillery equipment etc, going ahead of Chinese manufacturers. In domestic market, our products cover more than 30 provinces, providing brewing equipment and distillery to 100 enterprises. For overseas market, Daeyoo products have been sold to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, Russia, Mexico, Greece etc, covering more than 50 countries. 


 Our mission is to make distillation easier.
 Our vision is: DYE is one of the world's best known distillation system solutions.
 DYE technology planning in 2023, To become one of the world first-class brewing and distilling equipment enterprises.
If you are interested in this position, please contact us with your information.
Daeyoo Tech.Co.,ltd. Wenzhou is located in the state-level Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

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