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MVR Evaporator



   MVR is called Mechanical Vapor Re-compression, It is an energy-saving technology that reuses the energy of the secondary steam generated by the evaporation system itself, thereby reducing the demand for external energy.

   The main operating principle of the MVR evaporation system: the low-temperature secondary steam produced by evaporation is compressed by the compressor to convert electric energy into heat energy, so that the temperature, pressure and enthalpy of the steam are increased, and the steam re-enters the heating chamber of the evaporator as a heat source to maintain the liquid in a boiling state, while the steam itself condenses into water. This principle makes full use of the steam originally to be discarded, and the recovered latent heat of vaporization improves the thermal efficiency. Therefore, in addition to the steam required for equipment startup and material preheating, no new industrial steam is required during the entire evaporation process.


   MVR evaporator system consists of heater, separator, compressor, vacuum pump, circulating pump, operating platform, electrical control cabinet, automatic control system and valve pipeline, etc. The structure is very simple.


   The MVR evaporator is suitable for low-temperature concentration in industries such as milk, glucose, lithium hydroxide, VC, xylose, pharmacy, chemical industry, bioengineering, environmental protection engineering, waste liquid recycling, papermaking, salt making, etc.

Main Feature:

1) Low energy consumption and low operating costs;

2) Small footprint;

3) few supporting facilities for public works, and the total project investment is small.

4) Smooth operation and high degree of automation;

5) No need for primary steam;

6) Due to the common single effect, the product residence time is short

7) The process is simple, the practicability is strong, and the partial load operation characteristics are excellent

8) The operating cost is low, and it can evaporate below 40°C without freezing equipment, which is especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials.

DYE MVR Evaporator




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