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  • Q How can customer visiting our factory?

    A We are in Wenzhou city,Zhejiang Pr.China.which is very near to Shanghai.From Shanghai,China to our city, it will take 1 hour by air, and 4 hours by fast train.
    The name of airport is Wenzhou Longwan International Airport.
    The name of fast train station is Wenzhou Nan train station.
    And our factory is very close to airport only 15 minutes by car. and 1 hour by car from fast train station.
  • Q How can customer know the processes of order?

    A We will take photo or video during manufacturing every two weeks to make customer clear about the order.when goods is finished,we will take more detailed photos or video for inspect.you can also come to our factory to inspect by yourself.
  • Q Do you supply installation equipment in oversea?

    A Yes, if need, we can also send our installation engineer to your factory to help you do installation and testing,and you need to provides round-trip ticket and  accommodation for our engineer,the extra salary of one installation engineer is USD100.00/day.
  • Q How to control quality?

    A All material we use has material certification.
    Before any piece of brewing and distilling equipment leaves DYE. it goes through a complete quality and assurance control inspection. This inspection assures your equipment meets all specifications and is in proper working order before it leaves our facility and arrives at your door.
  • Q What is the shipment schedule?

    A We will send you photographs of your order being loaded into the shipping container at the factory.
    The shipping container will generally leave port 3-4 days after loading. We will send you a bill of lading and final statement of account within one week of that time. The bill of lading will include the shipping container numbers. You can track your shipping container.
    Approximately 10 days prior to delivery, we will send you an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) notice from the shipping time. Please remember that the listed delivery date is only an estimate, and is subject to port unloading schedules, customs processing, and the dictates of the local delivery truck company.
    You will be directly contacted by the shipping company’s local truck delivery services approximately 48 hours prior to the date of delivery to schedule a delivery time.
    If you need to delay the final delivery, there will be a “pull” fee of approximately $100, and a storage fee of approximately $150 per shipping container per day.
  • Q Which material are the equipment made of?

    A Stainless steel 304/stainless steel 316L/ C1100 red copper
 Daeyoo Tech. Co., LTD.Wenzhou is a comprehensive emerging enterprise that integrates product design, research and development, manufacturing and engineering. DYE is at forefront of the R & D and manufacturing of distillation equipment in China and also one of the first manufacturers of copper distillers to learn and produce red copper distillers.

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