Fresh Flowers Freeze Dryer Preserved Flower Eternal Flower Freeze-drying Machine
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Fresh Flowers Freeze Dryer Preserved Flower Eternal Flower Freeze-drying Machine



    Eternal flowers are also called preserved flowers, ecological flowers, and "flowers that never fade." The freeze-dried eternal flower is almost the same as fresh flowers in terms of color, shape, and feel. It maintains the characteristics of fresh flowers, and has richer colors, higher uses, and longer storage time. It is the most ideal flower deep-processing product for floral design, home decoration and celebration activities.


    Preserved flowers are suitable for floral design, home decoration, celebrations, flower bases, flower shops, deep processing plants, e-commerce sales, personal use, and gift giving. It can also be used to develop new flowers, which can be freeze-dried according to different needs and the form of flower buds, petals, flowers or pruned flowers.

永生花Freeze-drying Process:

1. Pretreatment ---Material Selection

   Take roses as an example. Choose flowers with robust plants, dignified flower shapes, thick and plump petals, bright and pure flower colors, straight and solid stems, and the opening rate of small flowers on the branches is about 80%.

2. Vacuum Freeze Drying

1). Put the roses in the freeze dryer to freeze.

2). Turn on the vacuum pump and pump to the preset vacuum to dry the rose.

3). Open the water and air release valve, turn off the vacuum pump and compressor.

4). Take out the freeze-dried product and seal it for storage.

(Freeze-dryer freeze-drying integrated machine)

3. Weighing and Packaging

4. Inspection and Warehousing


1.  Pre-freezing and drying are completed in situ, the freeze-drying process is automated and easy to operate.

2.  Circulating medium runs inside the plate, the temperature can be adjusted, and the temperature difference is ≤1℃, so the cooling and        heating effect is more uniform.

3.  Touch screen operation, PLC control system, real-time monitoring of equipment operation.

4.  Freeze Dryer can be connected to the computer for remote control and storage of freeze-drying curves.

5.  Integral design, easy to transport and install, save space.

6.  It can be connected with CIP in-place cleaning, SIP in-place disinfection, hydraulic plugging system and other functions.


Model KFD-20
Control Method PLC+touch screen
Box Material sus304
Dry Area (Square) 20
Feeding Capacity (KG) 200
Tray Size(mm) 1390*587*30
Tray Quantity 24
Tray Form Tray
Partitions Quantity (Blocks) 12+1
Partition Temperature (℃) -140
Pump Roots pump + screw pump
Max Vacuum Degree <10pa
Rated Power 60KW



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