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Scraper Thin Film Evaporator




    The scraper film evaporator is a shell with a heating steam jacket outside, and a rotatable scraper is installed inside the scraper, which is driven by the rotating shaft in the center of the cylinder. After the raw material liquid is added in the tangential direction from the upper part of the evaporator, driven by gravity and the rotating scraper, a down-rotating film is formed along the inner wall of the shell. The finished liquid is discharged from the bottom and the secondary steam is passed through the demister. After being discharged from the upper part.


    This equipment uses a centrifugal sliding grooved rotor, which is the latest foreign evaporator. It can also form a thin film under the condition of small flow. The sludge in the treatment liquid attached to the surface of the inner wall of the evaporation section of the cylinder can be quickly moved by the movable scraper. When removed, compared with a scraper evaporator with a fixed gap, the evaporation can be increased by 40-69%. The outstanding advantage of this evaporator is that it has strong adaptability to materials, and is suitable for the evaporation of high viscosity, easy crystallization, easy fouling, suspended solids or heat-sensitive liquids.

Main Feature:

1)  The heat transfer coefficient is high, the evaporation capacity is large, the evaporation intensity can reach 200kg/m2·hr, and the thermal efficiency is high.

2)  The heating time of the material is short, between about 5 seconds and 10 seconds, and it works under vacuum conditions, which is more beneficial to heat-sensitive materials, keeping various components without any decomposition, and ensuring product quality.

3)  It adapts to a wide range of viscosity changes, both high and low viscosity materials can be processed, and the material viscosity can be as high as 100,000 centipoise (CP).

4)  Changing the rotation direction of the scraper groove can adjust the handling time of the material in the evaporator.

5)  The inner wall of the evaporation section cylinder is precisely bored and polished, and the surface is not easy to cause coking and scaling.

6)  Convenient operation and easy adjustment of product indicators. Under airtight conditions, continuous production can be controlled automatically.

7)  The equipment has a small footprint, simple structure, convenient maintenance and easy cleaning.



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