Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer
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Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer



  The vacuum freeze drying equipment is an advanced method for the material dewatering.It freezes the moisture material in the low temperature and makes the water inside sublimate directly in the vacuum condition. Then it collects the sublimated vapor by means of the condensing way so as to dewater and dry the material.

  Being processed by the vacuum freeze dryer, the physical, chemical and biological states of the material are basically unchanged. Freeze drying maintains the original smell and flavor of the product.

  Freeze Dried product is convenient to store and transport:Dried material low moisture content, that is light weight. Easy to store for a long time.


Freeze dryer is suitablefor food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry etc. Food vacuum freeze dryer is used for freeze-dried fruits, meat, vegetables and other foods.

Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer


1. The heat recovery fluoride frost system can balance the load of the freeze dryer refrigeration system and save energy

2. Oil-free vacuum system, you don’t need to change the vacuum oil frequently during the working process of the lyophilizer. This saves vacuum oil and does not pollute the environment.

3. Screw compressor refrigeration system to increase reliability

4. The partition temperature control adopts PID technology, which can be accurately controlled in the range of -40℃ to +100℃.

5. The steam high-temperature sterilization system can solve the sterilization problem of the freeze dryer.

6. Eutectic online determine function


Model DG20 FD30 FD50 FD100 FD200
Control Method PLC+touch screen PLC+touch screen Industrial PC Industrial PC Industrial PC
Box Material sus304 sus304 sus304 sus305 sus306
Dry Area (Square) 20 30 50 100 200
Feeding Capacity (KG) 200 300 500 1000 2000
Tray Size(mm) 1390*587*30 1774*443*30 600*1000*30 540*635*30 540*635*30
Tray Quantity 24 39 80 288 576
Tray Form Tray Tray or Mesh tray Tray or Mesh tray Tray or Mesh tray Tray or Mesh tray
Partitions Quantity (Blocks) 12+1 13+1 85+1

Partition Temperature (℃) -140 -140 -140 -140 -140
Pump Roots pump + screw pump Roots pump + screw pump Roots pump + screw pump Roots pump + screw pump Roots pump + screw pump
Max Vacuum Degree <10pa <10pa <10pa <11pa <12pa
Rated Power 60KW 70KW 110KW 150KW 180KW
                                       The actual product size may differ from the products listed in the table, please refer to the actual product size

More Customer Satisfied Service:
1. Preventive maintenance service on warranty period
2. AMC service of all machine life
3. Understand all brand freeze dryer service
4. Retrofit service and spare parts

Main Feature:

Freeze Dryer-Ammonia separator system

Ammonia separator system:

is a unique part of TJL seriesplants.It consists of ammonia separator,ammoniapumps,vapor trap vessel,pipes and vavles etc.Lowtemperature ammonia in the separator can keep thevacuum of the cabin for 3 to 5 minutes when temporarytrouble occurs.

 Freeze Dryer --Compressor Machine Parts--- Compressor:

The Refrigerating System of vacuum freeze dryer adoptsthe weni-closed compressor imported from USA. The keycomponents such as the medium refnigerator, solenoidvalve expansion valve and oil distributor are alsopurchased from world-famous companies. Therefore, anideal refrigerating temperature can be ensured.

Freeze Dryer--Heating System Heating System:

made up of water heating tank,plateexchanger,pneumatic control valves,pumps and pipes,liquid-level indicator, temperature sensors and assemblyheating plates,is a forced circulation under the auto-controlpressure of gas nitrogen.

pilot freeze drying machine

pilot freeze drying machine:

pilot model, size from 0.5m⊃2; to 200m⊃2;, EU configuration standard



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