200m² freeze dryer fruit and vegetable food freeze-drying production line
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200m² freeze dryer fruit and vegetable food freeze-drying production line



   200m² food freeze-drying production line can be used for freeze-drying processing of fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, seafood and aquatic products, condiments, convenience foods and famous and special products. 

    It can achieve the purpose of keeping the original color, aroma, taste, shape and freshness of the food unchanged. Finished products have good  rehydration andeasy to store and transport, that can reduce costs, and extend shelf life.

   The 200m²  food freeze-drying production line handles 2-3 tons of materials for each batch of freeze-drying.


1. The freeze-dried box and partition are made in strict accordance with GMP requirements. The cylinder is made of 304 grade stainless steel, and the interior is mirror polished. The production process and requirements are higher than the current domestic conventional food freeze dryer manufacturers

2. Adopts integrated box cold trap, front box and rear trap design, compact structure, It is equipped with an observation window, and the observation window is equipped with a lighting device to facilitate observation of the situation in the box. and adopt the structure that is easy to clean and has no sanitary corners.

3. The partition is made of 304 stainless steel, manufactured using the latest laser welding technology, the oil passage detection pressure is 25KG, and the surface is drawn with wire, which is flat and easy to clean, and has good hygiene.

4. The coil for water trapping of the cold trap is made of clean stainless steel. The integral structure or the split structure can be selected according to customer needs.

5. Adopts 450-hp refrigeration system composed of German brand Bitzer screw refrigeration compressors in parallel. Through PLC control, the compressor can be started in different working conditions. While obtaining strong refrigeration, fast cooling speed, stable and reliable performance, it can save 30% of electrical energy.

6. The vacuum system adopts the German original Leybold screw vacuum pump + Roots pump to form a twin screw oil-free vacuum system. It reduces the trouble of frequently changing vacuum oil of other brands of freeze dryers, and at the same time protects the environment.

7. Adopts Siemens PLC imported brand control system, which is convenient to store data and easy to control. It has two control modes, automatic/manual, and the control mode can be switched at will. Process settings can be set in multiple groups; the formula can be modified at any time during the drying process, and steps can be skipped arbitrarily.

8. The machine has a built-in heat recovery defrosting system, which can efficiently and quickly defrost, and the interface can be sterilized at high temperature. This saves electricity and keeps the dry box sterile. The products made can be eaten with confidence.



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