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30m² Food Freeze Dryer



   Food Freeze Dryer is a product that integrates freezing technology, drying technology and fluid technology. Freeze-drying is a method of pre-freezing water-containing materials and then sublimating them under vacuum to obtain dry products. Freeze-dried food has basically the same original biological and chemical characteristics, and is easy to store for a long time. After adding water, it can return to the form before freeze-drying, and can maintain its original biochemical characteristics.

   Food freeze dryer is used for freeze-dried fruits, meat, vegetables and other foods.


1. Pre-freezing and drying are completed in situ, the freeze-drying process is automated and easy to operate.

2. Circulating medium runs inside the plate, the temperature can be adjusted, and the temperature difference is ≤1℃, so the cooling and heating effect is more uniform.

3. Touch screen operation, PLC control system, real-time monitoring of equipment operation.

4. Food Freeze Dryer can be connected to the computer for remote control and storage of freeze-drying curves.

5. Integral design, easy to transport and install, save space.

6. It can be connected with CIP in-place cleaning, SIP in-place disinfection, hydraulic plugging system and other functions.


Model Unit DG-30
Partition area M 30
Bulk solution volume L 300
Partition size width 1400
deep 2300
Number of partitions  Floor 10+1
Space between partitions mm 65
Shelf temperature range -45~+70
Condenser temperature ≤-65
Condenser water capture KG 600
Ultimate vacuum Pa 2.7
Installed power KW 120
Cooling water volume m3/H 42
Equipment weight T 16



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