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DYE company is the professional manufacturer of distilling equipment and brewing equipment from China, more than 95% products are export to all over the world!

In December 2013

The company invested more than 500,000 US dollars for R & D and manufacturing distillation equipment

In March 2014

DYE build the first distillation equipment and supply to John Emerald Distilling Company, LLC (USA) , We named DYE- I model

In December 2014

DYE company staffs have exceeded 50 people, the annual sales of 50 sets of Distillation equipment

In June 2015

DYE company got 15 patents

In December 2015

DYE company signed a strategic agreement with the well-known Canadian Distillers to serve understand more how to make distilling alcohol . The same year sales of more than 150 sets of Distillation equipment

In April 2016

DYE company signed a strategic agreement with the well-known US equipment installation service company to serve our equipment in overseas installation and commissioning work

In July 2016

DYE company purchased 15,000 square meters of land for DYE enterprise technology R& D and production

In August 2016

The company established our own brand - DYE

In October 2016

DYE company worked with some well-known reseller companies to serve us in the global market

In November 2016

DYE company get High Honor Award ---- National High-tech Enterprises

In December 2016

The scale of enterprises has reached nearly 180 people, For research and development, production, sales and services as one of the modern enterprise, annual sales of more than 500 sets of distillation equipments

In January 2017

DYE company has purchased 3.1 million US dollars of modern Laser production equipment

In March 2021

DYE’s new factory was completed, and everyone moved to the new factory to work


 Daeyoo Tech. Co., LTD.Wenzhou is a comprehensive emerging enterprise that integrates product design, research and development, manufacturing and engineering. DYE is at forefront of the R & D and manufacturing of distillation equipment in China and also one of the first manufacturers of copper distillers to learn and produce red copper distillers.

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