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Micro Distillery Equipment 50L 4 Plates Column Home Distiller Gin still

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  50L home still is ideal for small batch distillation and intended for recipe development of all types of alcohols. A column with bubble cups allows doing rectification process. 

  Additional Copper helmets are ideal for pot still distillation mode that is suitable for traditional whiskey, brandy, or rum production, they offer a larger surface for interacting with the vapor.

Main Specifications:

 50L home still

- which includes: 1*50L SUS304 kettle with a unit of 5kw heating elements, thermometer, outlet with a butterfly valve

- 4 units x 4" copper distilling column with red copper bubble caps

- 1*4'' gin basket

- 1*4" SS304 dephlegmator

- 1*reducer from 4" to 2"

- 1*2" SS304 180 ° elbow

- 1*2" SS304 condenser

- 1 *SUS304 parrot

- 1*control box

- control box with heating power adjust

- parrot with sample valve

- Thermometer - heating tank and dephlegmator ( optional thermometers on request)

- optional features - copper head

micro distillery equipment 50L 4 plates column home distiller gin still


Package: plastic wrap, cotton pearl wrap then put into wooden case.

still package

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