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Suppliers Vodka Whisky Making Machine Distiller Acohol Distillation Equipment

spirits alcohol making machine distilling column copper still

  • DYE-H
  • DYE
  • 84384000

Any size available.

Have height restrictions? We can customize the still to fit your building. Customization is no problem. We can make this still with any size boiler or column diameter. The columns & condensers can be made with copper or stainless steel according to your demand.

Still pot: 1000L,copper or stainless steel made,or combined.Ex-proof and CSA/UL/CE listed motor is available.Full size glass manway for easy observation of pot work.Steam heating,electric heating(direct or indirect type) or direct fire heating is available for your choice.

Helmet/Gooseneck: Various shape is available and we can also customize it as per your request.

Gin basket:Copper or S shell with copper sieve inside

Distillation column: Copper or stainless steel material is available. Copper bubble plates,by-pass valve/CIP ball/sight light/sight glass

Condenser column:Copper or stainless steel made,tubes can be ss or copper made as per your demand

CIP plumbing system:CIP pump and fittings are available

Surface finish:swirl finish,satin finish or mirror finish


Still pot 


We can do other different distiller equipment for you 




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