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100L-10000L Magnetic Mixing Tank Agitator Tank Equipment



   Magnetic stirring tanks are mainly used in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries, and meet the requirements of GMP. The magnetic stirrer is composed of inner and outer magnets, isolation sleeves, motors and other components, and is suitable for various stainless steel reaction tanks and liquid medicine mixing tanks. Suitable for low viscosity liquids or solid-liquid mixtures. Suitable for heating or heating and stirring at the same time.

Main Feature:

1. Made of stainless steel 316L/304. Excellent performance, reasonable structure, small size and reliable use.

2. The use of welded static seals instead of dynamic mechanical seals completely solves the problem of easy leakage of mechanical seals.

3. Mix evenly and heat evenly. Fast response, high efficiency and time saving.

4. Form an absolutely closed space, cleaner and more airtight, which is conducive to heating and prevents collision and leakage.

5. Simple structure, convenient disassembly and easy cleaning.

6. The bottom is equipped with a stirrer, which can be stirred when the material is small. The unique stirring blade design can adapt to the mixing of various media.

100L-10000L Magnetic Mixing Tank Agitator Tank Equipment

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