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Pharmaceutical Batching Tank Ss Mixing Tanks



  The batching tanks are widely used in pharmaceuticals, food (dairy) products, beverages, oils, chemicals, pigments and other industries as intermediate buffering, liquid storage, stirring and dispensing equipment.

Main Feature:

1. The container insulation material is made of high temperature and anti-aging polyurethane foam or pearl cotton.

2. The interface adopts the international standard quick-loading chuck type, the inner tank is imported 316L or 304, the inner surface is mirror polished Ra≤0.28 um, and the outer surface is polished to matt, mirror, sandblasted or cold-rolled primary color matt.

3. The seal of the stirrer adopts imported sanitary mechanical stirring seal or magnetic full-sealing stirring device, and the stirring speed is optional.

4. can be designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of customers.

5. has the functions of heating, automatic temperature control, heat preservation and stirring.

6.has the advantages of fast heat transfer, large temperature difference adaptation, and convenient cleaning.

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