3000L + 5000L All Copper Traditional Scottish Double Pot Stills with Copper Spirits Safe and Working Platform
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3000L + 5000L All Copper Traditional Scottish Double Pot Stills with Copper Spirits Safe and Working Platform

  • ZLSB-001

  • DYE

Main Features:

1. The DYE still is a unique product specifically designed for the production of high quality Vodka and other spirits.

2. Provide customized services, technical and drawing support

3. Double-distilled design,and the combination of traditional and handmade makes the distillation equipment more aesthetic and artistic

4. Apply to whiskies, gins, tequilas, rums and bourbons etc

5. This process takes place in the “spirit safe”. Foreshot and feint are then led back again to the distillation.

6. Still heads can have any shape. The main three styles are ogee, lamp cup and boiled ball. These styles all have a sweeping swan neck

7. Direct flame firing, steam coil, steam jacket, electric element or electric hotplate as the heat source 

8. Efficient CIP spraying ball for 360-degree cleaning.

9. With the Gin basket , that is a easy loading and unloading structure


Pot Materials:  All copper
Working capacity:  one pot is 3000L and the other is 5000L
Agitator: with long heavy blades for mash cooking
Degree of alcohol distillation: 50%-95% ABV 
Heating  & Running Time: • 1-2 hour heat up
• 2-2.5 hr stripping run 
• 4 hour distillation time
Motor & Power Supply: High Torque Mash Agitator, CE/UL/CSA/ATEX Explosion Proof. 
Voltage:208/220/230/240/380/415/460/600V, 3Phase, 50/60Hz.
Structure & Components: SS304/red copper still pot 
Red copper goose neck(helmet) 
Red copper 2~20 plate distillation column 
SS304/red copper dephlegmator 
SS304/red copper condenser 
SS304/ copper parrot outlet
Gin Basket
Supporting Base or Supporting Frame
Storage Tanks
CIP pump
CIP manifold
Large glass manway
Large sizeTube and Shell Copper Condenser
Pressure Relief Valve and pressure gauge for inner boiler
Tri Clamp Butterfly Valve on the drain
Stainless Steel supporting legs

DYE's standard features guarantee your safety:

1. Explosion-proof mixing motor ,UL/CSA/ATEX Compliant certification based on your local power department needs.

2. Explosion-proof light,24V/DC.

3. Electrical controls that comply with Class 1,Division 1 directives.

4. Cooling water abnormal alarm and emergency shutdown system.

5. Fully closed spirit safe

6. Equipment is manufactured and designed in accordance with ASME BPVC VIII



 Daeyoo Tech. Co., LTD.Wenzhou is a comprehensive emerging enterprise that integrates product design, research and development, manufacturing and engineering. DYE is at forefront of the R & D and manufacturing of distillation equipment in China and also one of the first manufacturers of copper distillers to learn and produce red copper distillers.

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