Ball Type Stainless Steel Vacuum Concentration Tank
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Ball Type Stainless Steel Vacuum Concentration Tank

hemp extract,Winterization,short path distillation etc.
  • DYE

  • DYE


   QNG series ball-shape vacuum concentrator ( concentration tank) is applicable to vacuum concentration, crystallization, ointment collection, distillation and alcohol recovery of liquid materials in traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, food, glucose, fruit juice, sugar, biopharmaceutical industry and chemical industry etc.The concentration specific gravity reaches 1.35-1.45.


    This equipment primarily contains concentration tank, gas-liquid separator,cooler and water receiving tank. The concentration under reduced pressure takes short time and prevent the destruction of effective content in the thermal sensitive material.


Model QNG-300 QNG-500 QNG-700 QNG-1000
Evaporation(kg/h) 70 120 145 195
Volume(L) 300 500 700 1000
Jacket pressure(Mpa)                                           0.09
Vacuum degree(mmHg)                                          500-620
Material:                                          SUS304
Heating area(㎡) 1.3 1.6 2 2.8
Condensing area(㎡) 2.4 3 3.5 4
Weight(kg) 380 450 630 950
Outline size(mm) Length 1900 2030 2100 2335
Width 1100 1200 1300 1520
Height 2300 2500 2600 2765

Ball Type Stainless Steel Vacuum Concentration Tank

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