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Cannibis Hemp Cannibis Hemp CBD Oil Extraction extractor Machine

hemp extract,Winterization,short path distillation etc.
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Cannibis Hemp Cannibis Hemp CBD Oil Extraction extractor Machine 

1. What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound that has shown promise in a variety of medical applications, like relief from pain and anxiety which are most common, along with many other ailments. A major benefit to CBD is that it doesn’t contain THC, which is the compound that makes users high, so this makes CBD an ideal product for children. 

2. How to extract CBD oil?

There are many ways to extract the oil from the plant and make cbd oil.CO2 extraction systems use CO2 as a solvent to extract the oil. The solvent is considered a cleaner, purer form of extraction because there is no residue after extraction.

To isolate the individual compounds (CBD being one of them), the extracted oil needs to be distilled after extraction. The first step is a process called Winterization, followed by Short Path Distillation.

3.Material: adopt high quality stainless steel 304

4.Function description: This equipment can be carried out herb plants extraction,water/alcohol liquid concentration,organic solvent recovery, etc various process operations, with high efficiency, convenient operation, etc. There is CIP ball installed on the tank for easy cleaning. The equipment is in line with GMP standard.

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