250L All Copper Still
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250L All Copper Still



StructureDYE-II still is composed of 1x still pot, 1x gooseneck(helmet), 1x Gin basket,1x whiskey column, 1x dephlegmator, 1x condenser, 1x parrot outlet(spirit safe), liquor collecting tank, and support frame(leg).
The system can be equipped with CIP pumps and CIP pipes.
Useage:It is mainly used for the production of whiskey, brandy, rum, and vodka can also be made after repeated distillation for 2~3 times.
Working Capacity:From 100L~10000L customizable
Heating Method:Steam/Electric heating/Gas burner/Direct fire optional
Voltage Supply:110/208/200/220/240/380/400/415/460/480/600V 3phase 50/60Hz.Special voltages can be customized
Certification of Motor:UL/CSA/CE/IECEX/ATEX option
If heated by electrical:CE/IECEX/ATEX/NEPSI certified electric heating elements are available
Material:Stainless steel 304/ Stainless steel 316L/ C12200 copper/glass optional
Control section:Manual/semi-automatic /PLC control/fully automatic control optional

 Daeyoo Tech. Co., LTD.Wenzhou is a comprehensive emerging enterprise that integrates product design, research and development, manufacturing and engineering. DYE is at forefront of the R & D and manufacturing of distillation equipment in China and also one of the first manufacturers of copper distillers to learn and produce red copper distillers.

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